AUTHOS architecture hospitality bakery 1


Type Hospitality
Client private
Location Lausanne, Switzerland
Photos by AUTHOS
Architecture Studio AUTHOS was enlisted by Tonton Grain’s team to create a custom made environnement. A design that reflects craftsmanship, quality and good vibes. Tonton grain is a combination of specialty coffee, sandwich shop and bakery, located in the Vortex at the University of Lausanne and EPFL.
bread MOF - Shelves
Counter - bread - bakery - warmth



AUTHOS was commissioned to create the logo that would enhance and depicts the idea of the concept and its owner. Dynamique and welcoming, Tonton Grain’s persona is a dynamique toast which replicates the entire ambiance of the Coffee shop – Bakery. 

Logo - cold coffee - latte art
LOGO close up
Lounge Ambiance chill zone - Library
Library detail travertin natural stone
coffee shop view

Marble and Travertine