Authos architects designed the entire Fromagerie Spielhofer

Fromagerie Spielhofer

Type Retail Architecture
Client Spielhofer SA
Location Bienne – Biel, Switzerland
Surface 100m²
Photos by G. Formentini & Spielhofer

A new typology of shop design was used for the fromagerie Spielhofer shop in Bienne. Traditionally cheese shops sell their cheese with the over-the-counter method. AUTHOS decided to break the barrier of the counter by letting the customers come closer to the cheeses, by doing this, clients can approach the cold stations so close they can smell all the rich aromas and perfumes of the products. All spatial designs surrounding are created to highlight the products rather than to focus on one single object. 

The oval table plays a crucial role in the spatial design of the shop as it creates the needed operational flux. As soon as customers arrive, they are directed to the different shop stations. The oval table is also used by the staff to cut and present a carefully selected  range of products. The interaction with customers is smooth since there are no barriers between the products and the staff.  

the contemporary interior design of a wood bench
the furniture of the wood table has an oval shape
the open fridge for the fromageries soft cheeses
the shop design has no barriers and no counter
the fogger fridge is the best display for by-passers
the open shop design invites customers to see all the products
the furniture detail of the design table is wood
The retail architecture with direct access to the products
The bar menu design of the fromagerie Spielhofer created by AUTHOS
in the shop there are no barriers for the clients interaction
the operational oval table permits to have no barriers with the customers
a mouse is reading the AUTHOS book in a shop display
this is the best window display design for a shop

Food Retail Architecture is a matter of Design

The fridges are exclusively designed by AUTHOS and produced in collaboration with Spanish company Cruz Cooling Technologies pioneer in making made-to-measure cold storages made specially for retail. 



Swiss cheeses have the honour to be at the forefront of the shop display. By using an open refrigerated case display, customers have the opportunity to directly look which refined cheeses are in stock at the shop. This cheese window is equipped with a water fogger that constantly keeps the humidity of the products at the required level, a misty ambiance is created by the fogger.



From the interior to the exterior, every detail has been carefully though trough. The passers-by can appreciate the hand-made mouses shop display that are integrated in the carpentry. As many children and adults stop by to gaze at the mouses that theatricalize the fabrication process of the cheeses.