2 AUTHOS Nebolosus pavilion zurich ChildrenInTheMist

NEBOLOSUS – Mist Architecture

Type Pavilion

Client Design Biennale Zürich
Collab.  Stella Speziali, Interactive Design
Location EPFL -Alter Botanische Garten, Zürich, Switzerland
Photos by AUTHOS

NEBULOSUS is both an augmented reality experience which is unveiled by mist and a statement about the spatial boundaries men are bent to.



AUTHOS.ch x Stella Speziali join forces to interrogate the confines of perception.

Together they present an immersive experiential pavilion at the Zurich Design Biennale: NEBULOSUS

The pavilion redefines space. Located in the Old Botanical Garden in the center of Zürich, the mist delicately flows above more than 50m2 of luxuriant vegetation. However, its limits are boundary-less, its form is entirely dependent on the meteorological condition of the present moment. NEBULOSUS is also a window on an alternative world where virtual and physical frontiers do not exist, another dimension equally ethereal. 

4 AUTHOS Nebolosus pavilion zurich InBetweenShadesOfFog
immersive augmented reality architecture
path in the mist

Vanishing boundaries


The unpredictability of the wind plays a major role in the cloud’s appearance. In addition, people and their movement also influence the perception of the visuals.




Visitors sense the vanishing of  tree boundaries : the space created by the misty cloud is in constant alteration; the digital reality is experienced without any interface ; the fusion between the physical and the virtual worlds.


1 AUTHOS Nebolosus pavilion zurich ManWalking
3 AUTHOS Nebolosus pavilion zurich EarlyMorning
5 AUTHOS Nebolosus pavilion zurich SunBeams
detail of mist
9 AUTHOS Nebolosus pavilion zurich BoudariesDesapear
architecture of augmented reality in motion

Augmented Reality


During the day soft clouds of fog are in constant alteration. Later at sunset, a digital reality originates into the mist thanks to a projection mapping, generating another untouchable essence. A flock of shaded points emerges, these dazzling shapes react to visitors’ movement. As this new digital world becomes real, visitors of the garden can interact and be part of this new dimension.


architecture of mist
design of cloud



NEBOLOSUS reminds us about the impossibility of taking control over the climate as well as its fragile equilibrium.

7 AUTHOS Nebolosus pavilion zurich EviningLight
8 AUTHOS Nebolosus pavilion zurich MistAndSunBeamOnThePath